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Seeking an Inspired Producer for Two True-Based Stories Set in WWII.

Dr. Robert Niklewicz is seeking collaboration with an inspired producer to create adapted screenplays, and develop motion pictures, for Codename: FLAME and The Last Train to Dachau.

Codename: FLAME is the true story of the author’s father who, as a 14-year old Polish Boy Scout, had to grow up virtually overnight. He heroically served the Polish Underground as a courier, spy, fighter, saboteur and assassin against the Nazis, and was eventually captured and sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp at Dachau.

The Last Train to Dachau is the true story of the author’s grandmother, mother and her family as she had to become a brave, clever and cunning Matriarch in practically willing her family’s survival –ending up on the very last train headed to the dreaded German death camp.

Because the two stories have parallel plotlines, there is also an opportunity to blend them into a compelling mini-series, or a feature film that parallels his father’s and mother’s stories — and ending with their meeting, marrying and immigrating to San Francisco, and transcending the horrors of WWII into a happy American life.

If you have serious interest, please contact the author via this form:

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    Wladyslawa and Victor Miller, grandson Robert and granddaughter Ellie

    Emilia and Stanislaw Niklewicz on their honeymoon in 1948.


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