The true story of a Polish matriarch who wills her family’s survival.

A true-based story by Dr. Robert Niklewicz seeking an adapted screenplay and a producer for a dramatic motion picture or TV mini series…

Dr. Robert Niklewicz retells his family’s amazing true story of courage and survival in the midst of hell on earth that was Poland in 1939.

The Last Train to Dachau is a World War II true story from the point of view of an ordinary Polish woman who is the courageous matriarch of a family enslaved to work on German “recovery train gangs” that were forced into repairing bomb damaged trains and tracks. Through bravery, cunning and determination, she and her family repeatedly survive certain death or mayhem. She transforms from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” through many confrontations that hardened her against the harsh challenges she faced. The heroic acts she employed for overcoming each challenge without using a weapon, makes her stand out as a hero of the war.

An adapted screenplay story would be about overcoming the harsh physical and mental stresses that the Miller family endured. A feature film would place the audience in the situations fought by the middle aged parents; situations that would have challenged even young bodies and souls. As they resist their captors who were desperately trying to accomplish their “final solution” for all Poles, ask yourself “What would I have done?” Audiences will be on the edge of their seat as the Millers face their fate together.




The Last Train to Dachau delivers vivid storytelling from the perspective of a cunning family matriarch:

The characters are based on real people and actual events that deliver a sense of family unity while being overwhelmed by heartless tyranny and oppression, and ending onboard the very last German train rolling towards the death camp of Dachau…in the last week before the end of World War II.

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Watch as the author’s mother, Emilia, shares her memories as a young Polish girl when the Nazis enslaved her family to work on “train recovery gang” on the perilous last train to Dachau.


Movie Concept

Think of the adventures of “Von Ryan’s Express” with the emotionality of
“Sophie’s Choice” and the true-based story of “The Monuments Men.

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